Children Data Collection - Ozhalur

Children’s data collection at Ozhalur community on 15th July, 2022, Friday morning by the project manager Mr. Santosh Bernard along with the field staff Miss Sowndhariya and a trainee named Felix Bhuyan. Data collection included name, age, class, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name & certificates.  Whether the community children have all the certificates such as- birth certificate, community certificate and Aadhar card and also discovering the new born babies of the community.

Self Help Group Meeting - Semencheri

Short visit to the self-help groups of Semencheri on 15th July, 2022, Friday evening to solve the problems of the group. The group lacked cooperation and the members wanted to quit from the group. D. Peter made them aware the importance of the self- help group and the benefits of being a member in it. Mr. Santosh Bernard introduced the e-Shram card and Tamil Nadu Unorganized Worker Welfare Board and the importance of it.

Meeting with Panchayat President - Vallipuram

A short meeting on 16th July, 2022, Saturday afternoon between the Panchayat president and D. Peter (Director of Care Foundation) including the Vallipuram community at Vallipuram. Aiming to get help and support from the Panchayat president for the Vallipuram community. The panchayat president in the presence of the director assured to help the community in their needs and always avail himself for the Care Foundation.

Homeless People - Chengalpattu

Lots of people were seen living near the roadsides of Chengalpattu. Hence, on 16th July,2022, Friday, the organization had taken initiative to collect data of those people. The people were identified as homeless living by the roadsides of Chengalpattu railway junction, government hospital and Ramakrishnan School. Many  stayed inside the government hospital in 4 different places and most of them were from Salem, Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram and Thanjavur.

Family Data Collection - Ozhalur

Family data collection at Ozhalur community on 18th July, 2022, Monday evening by two trainees named Felix Bhuyan and Raguneshwaran along with the project manager Mr. Santosh Bernard. Data collection included name, age, number of children, facilities, satisfaction of living and availability of documents. Data collection is to know the needs of the families and to find out their availability of official documents such as Aadhar card, pan card, community and income certificate. And to find the need of the community from the government and the problems faced by the families of the community.

Family Data Collection - Manapakkam

Family data being collected on 19th July, 2022, Tuesday afternoon at Manapakkam. Total number family residing in the area is 5. In Manapakkam the families have Aadhar card, voter ID, bank passbook and ration card. Through data collection the actual needs of the community is identified. The needs were birth certificate & community certificate.


29.07.2022 On this day, the School Management Committee invites Mr. Peter Sir as a guest for this programme. This meeting regards students’ education levels and how they are degraded by using mobile phones. What are the upcoming activities that will help the school reach a higher level The Head Master of the School, Mrs. Ezhilarasi, invented a “Children’s Heart Box” so that if any children are sexually abused at school or outside of school, they can use this box to notify the teacher so that immediate action can be taken. the school administration requires a CCTV camera for improved school security. Peter Sir agreed to donate a CCTV camera and note books for the LKG students.

Open House Meeting

01.08.2022 On this day, an ‘open house ‘ programme was held on MGR Street in Ozhalur. The Child Line Committee was invited by the Care Foundation to present an awareness programme in Bandi and tribal areas. They got married earlier, and dropouts increased in the Bandi community. Mr. Peter gives an orientation on how they can change their lifestyle and live a normal life, which others live. DGPO Gives an Orientation on Children’s Education, Child Marriage, and What Government Schemes Are Available to the Tribal and Bandi Community. The Care Foundation invited a nearby government school’s Head Master, Mrs. M. Ezhliarasi, to speak about students’ performances in school and their level of education. The village students gave some request letters to the DGPO. The Care Foundation staff Mr. Santhosh Berned, submitted the data that had the details of how many students were going to school and how many dropped out in Ozhalur and Manapakkam. Finally, the child line committee completed their session and provided stationary items to the children.

Tuition Centre In Vallipuram

On August 8, 2022, the Care Foundation started a tuition centre for the Bandi Community Children. The Care Foundation assisted Mr. Sarathy, the Panchayat president, in appointing a tuition teacher. He helped to find a tuition teacher in Valipuram. Mrs. Kalai willingly came forward to take tuition for the students.


Independence day

On August 15, a nearby primary school invited Mr. Peter, Director of the Care Foundation, as a co-guest for the independence day celebration, and he reflected on how students arrive at school and the purpose of studying, as well as how we can improve the school by doing small things. Finally, he spoke about the tuition center.

Alternative Livelihood for Bandi Community women

On August 15, 2022, in the afternoon, Care Foundation conducted an Alternative Livelihood Meeting for the Bandi Community in Ozhalur. The Bandi Community women from Vallipuam, Manapakkam, and Ozhalur from these villages participated in this meeting and they clarified their doubts. This meeting is about their business loan as well as the importance and features of the self-help group.

Awareness on Mission Smile Project

On 19th September, 2022 Care Foundation had conducted an awareness program regarding” Mission Smile “in the primary school. It was collaborated with the St. Isabel’s Hospital. The purpose of this is to give free treatment to the children’s or anyone who is affected with’ orofacial clefts’. This program was supported greatly by Colgate brand.


children detail collection

On 21st of September 2022 in the evening the trainees went to  Ozhalur community to collect photo of the children for the education purpose. The children of the community are being helped and sponsored for their education purpose. It will be a great help for the children to acquire their education.

Distribution of Clothes to Bandi Community

On 20th September 2022, the Care Foundation had distributed the clothes to the Bandi community. They distributed the clothes along with the trainee and the project manager of the organization. 

Data Collection of children

On 23rd of September 2022 in the evening trainee went to the Ozhalur community to collect the detail from the children for their education purpose. The government sponsor education for the children , for their betterment and proper growth and development.  

E-Shram card distribution - kaliyampoondi

On 23rd September 2022, in the evening, the care foundation’s director, staff and trainees went to the Kaliyampoondi for the purpose to visit the self-help group in that village and get to know about the current status level of the self-help group and guide them with good knowledge. The director of Care Foundation, Mr. Peter interacted with the people about the self-help group. After that, Mr. Santhosh provided the E Shram Card to the people and help them to understand the concept of E shram and left that place.

Birthday celebration

On 8th September 2022, the director of care foundation celebrated the birthday of Ms. Durga who is the student of Care foundation and she gets help from Care foundation. On her birthday, the care foundation surprised her and make her day with lots of enjoyment and happiness. They spread the happiness by giving sweets in nearby the care foundation in Chengalpattu. 

Awareness on Alcohol Addiction

On 27th and 29th September 2022 the CARE foundation conducted the awareness Program for Bandi community woman. The program topic was alcohol addiction (woman) this is the topic that day program in Ozhalur village, Chengalpattu. The main outcome of the program was to everyone know about the ill-effect or disadvantage of alcohol using and tobacco. That day the trainee told the people there in a very clear way about the ill effects of drinking alcohol and tobacco. So because she had already prepared 14 slides through ppt. Then the trainee told the people there the full details about it, the harms caused by drinking alcohol and the problems caused by it while using it and trainee said. and then yesterday trainee conducted an orientation program for them. Today I showed them awareness videos about alcohol through videos. Then like this, after showing the videos in a clear manner, the ill effects of drinking alcohol and what diseases you will get, everyone came to know about it. In four videos he talked about the effects of drinking alcohol and in three videos about the problems of smoking and in three videos he talked about the problems of using Hans and about the ill effect

Awareness on child marrige

On 3 October 2022, the care foundation conducted one awareness programme about Child marriage and its causes, consequence and benefits of girl education by one of the trainee from Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. The programme conducted in Kaliyampoondi village, which is located near Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram. The purpose of this program was to make the community people to become aware of Child marriage and its effects. The program conducted in the evening around 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Butterfly camp in Kaliyampoondi village for children

On 4 October 2022, a butterfly camp organized by the Care Foundation in Kaliyampoondi village, which is located near Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram district. The purpose of the camp was to engage with the children and community people and conducted health and hygiene awareness session among them and there was debate on social development between the community youngster and Ms. Soudraya who led the session. In morning and afternoon, the food was provide to them prepared by community women who have Om sakthi self-help group and refreshment too. In afternoon, there was sports session for children. So the trainees from Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. They conducted running competition, tug of war and sack race events to the children. After the events got over, the director of care foundation who distributed the prizes to the children. Finally, the refreshment was provide to the children and community people and the camp got over around 5.30 pm.

Awareness on Child Development

On October 05, 2022, the trainee conducted one of her events called Child Development. At 10:30 am, the trainee started the program. The children from vallipuram came to take part in the program. The reason for this topic is that the field worker chose this topic to show the children what they need to improve on. The first reason is to improve the children’s studies, and the second reason is to improve their morals. The third reason is that they should be progress in the studies to achieve the dreams. That is why trainee chose the theme of “Children’s Development” program and conducted the program after that, the refreshment provided by Care Foundation.

Awareness on Mental Health

On 10th of October 2022, the trainee conducted an awareness program for the community people in Ozhalur. The topic was on “Mental Health”. As on this day it is celebrated as world mental health day, they help the people in the community to understand how the mental health is important in an individual’s life. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It effects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps to determine how we can handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. The program was started at 6:00 pm, the people were gathered in the place and they attended the program. For more understanding they played videos related to mental health and help them to understand that mental health is very important to be healthy.

Diwali Celebration

Inquiring children for sports project (Ozhalur)

On 30th January, 2023  in the evening trainee went to the Ozhalur community to collect the detail from the children  regarding to know about their interest level on various sports events.

Meeting in govt. school regarding child rights program

On 31st of January 2023, around 4.00 PM the trainee from Sacred heart college Tirupattur and Mr. Santhosh Bernard (Project Manager)  visited Ozhalur government school and met  Head Master, Mrs. M. Ezhliarasi to get permission to organize the programme on 1st February 2023 in the topic of “The child rights and stories of successful children”s “