CARE FOUNDATION (Center for Action and Resource Foundation) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Trust Act.  The organization is the result of the concerted efforts of a team of like-minded people who dared to help the helpless. The CARE team reaches out to the underprivileged children, youth, and destitute women struggling on the streets of Chengalpattu and the Kanchipuram district.   Our purpose is to promote the development of children and youth through loving care with adequate nutrition, healthy, social interaction, and ensuring that they are given the love and respect that every human deserves. 

“Our vision is to help the helpless and ensure that they live with dignity.”

  • To identify underprivileged children and provide them opportunities for holistic development
  • To rescue and rehabilitate the children involved in begging
  • To provide support for differently-abled children
  • To provide opportunities for higher education to poor students through sponsorship programs
  • To take care of students’ education fees, accommodation, and food.
  • To establish community centers in rural areas
  • To provide a short-stay home for destitute women and for women in distress

Poverty is one of the main problems which have attracted the attention of sociologists and economists. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to maintain a living standard adequate for his/her physical and mental efficiency. It is a situation people want to escape. A major cause of poverty among India’s rural people, both individuals, and communities is a lack of access to productive assets and financial resources. High levels of illiteracy, inadequate health care, and extremely limited access to social services are common among poor rural people and tribal people.

The CARE team is also committed to providing the impoverished youth of Chennai opportunities at education, at the primary level, secondary level, and beyond. We understand that there is an untapped fountain of talent among many of our youth that cannot be otherwise fulfilled without educational opportunities.

Every child is a gift they must be nurtured with care and affection within the family and society. However, children often struggle with their own family due to poverty. CARE Foundation works for deserving children and special children from begging. Children are forcefully sent for begging by their own family because every child should live with their own rights and dignity. We are giving alternative care for these kinds of children.

Due to changing social and economic structures, the problem of destitute women is on the rise. Women with social, economic, and psychological problems especially from the lower sections of society have nowhere to go. In their helpless situation, they become victims of exploitation. The CARE Foundation works for these children and women.

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